četvrtak, 3. studenoga 2011.

The Boyd Rice Experience : Love Will Change The World

Love will change the world
that's what we were told in the 60's
love will make you happy
love one another
love makes the world go round
all you need is love
we've talked of love non-stop for the last few decades
actually, the last few thousand years
where exactly has it gotten us?
are we one step closer to paradise?
love hasn't stopped war, cured crime, or erased poverty
hasn't even come close.
look for any sign of improvement and i guarantee you
you'll only the most cosmetic of changes
window dressing
empty symoblism
thatcherist falderal
things are getting better all the time the love nicks assure us
what about peace in the mid-east?
what about harmony in south africa
Sure, there's peace in the mid-east
in between bombings
and theres plenty of harmony in south africa
if your wealthy enough to live behind electrified fences and locked gates
in reality, things have turned to shit
social and moral decay is like an out of control cancer thats taken charge
a cancer born of love
if some people are actually stupid enough to believe things are improving
it's only because their poor brains are so benumbed by love
that they can no longer think straight
sickly love, brotherly love, unconditional love, cowardly love, keep love
a love that says relinquish judgement
a love that encourages acceptance at the expense of discernment
it's no wonder people have imagined that things have changed for the better
when in fact all thats changed is their capacity to accept any amount of shit, unconditonally.
so the verdict on love is both bad and good
the bad news is that love has turned the world into a sewer
the good news is, people have learned to love the smell of shit

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