četvrtak, 3. studenoga 2011.

The Boyd Rice Experience - Mr Intolerance

I’m not a tolerant person.
In fact I get more intolerant by the day
I just find it more and more difficult to tolerate assholes
As my tolerance decreases, their number seem to increase
Everyday there's more and more of them and everyday I have less and less patience
I’m not a mere bigot but I certainly don't cut any slack to anyone on the merit of their...
Status as an oppressed minority
You people were enslaved?
Tough luck
The white man stole your land?
Too fucking bad
Your fair sex is played by date-rape?
Cum and bear it

These days everyone has a sob story, and frankly, I don't care
It’s no excuse for being an asshole
We live in the age of the excuse
We live in the age of the asshole
They’re everywhere
They come in all shapes
All sizes
All colors
There are black assholes
White assholes
Women assholes
Men assholes
Queer assholes
Straight assholes
Smart assholes
Stupid assholes
Suburban assholes
Inner-city assholes
Homeless assholes
Upwardly mobile assholes
Lazy assholes
Incompetent assholes
Sloppy assholes
Anal assholes...
And so it goes...
Ad nauseam
Why should I tolerate any of them?
Why should I tolerate anything I don't care for, for any length of time?
Why should I pretend it's okay?
I don't like assholes
Don’t like talking to them
Don’t like talking about them
Don’t like knowing them
Don’t like knowing about them
Or their thoughts or their deeds
Assholes are like bad ideas.
You let even a single one enter your life; it can begin to ruin things
It can destroy what's good and foster much that's bad
Why'd I tolerate that?
Tolerance was a virtue once
No more
There aren't enough hours in a day to tolerate all the assholes
To tolerate all the indignities rolled your way and still be able to live a decent life...
Perhaps Goethe said this best
"That which disturbs your soul you must not suffer"
Remember that when it seems like assholes are hard at work to disturb your soul
24 hours a day
Take a tip from Mr. Intolerance: don't permit them to do it"

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