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Sweden Begins To Realise What A Muslim Infestation Means

Arnold 365, Day 58 (Conan the Barbarian)

The Park Is Mine (1986) - Trailer


Poziv na spolni odnos


Letak sa zagrebačkog prosvjeda u subotu, 24.2.

Kliknite za uvećanje...

BNP police?? NO WAY But if you're muslim you dont have to protect the Israeli Embassy!

Code Quantum - piano sam becket

Quantum Leap (Ep10) - Don Quijote

Scott Bakula Singing "The Impossible Dream" at London Film & Comic Con 2009

Pešćenopolis - mali podsjetnik na Željka Malnara

Gadafi razgovara sa Srbima.


MOST people support the policies of the British National Party, a poll revealed today.

But when those surveyed were told the policies were associated with the BNP, support fell.

One of the party's main pledges is to halt all further immigration to the UK. 59% of people supported this before they were told of the BNP policy. When they were it dropped to 48%.

The YouGov survey found there was a 55% backing for all the policies of the far-right political party, which fell to 49% once those polled were informed of the connection.

With the party, led by Nick Griffin (pictured above), appearing to reflect the opinions of the general public, there are widespread fears the BNP could make significant gains in next week’s local elections.

However, the poll – commissioned by Sky News – found most people opposed two of the party’s hardline ideas. 68% did not support the idea that non-white British citizens are less British.

And 52% were against encouraging immigrants to leave the country. The BNP also suffers from a bad reputation, which could prevent voters supporting it at the polling booth.

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Thompson o ljubavi, domovini, obitelji!

Obracanje Thompsona djeci video porukom o ljubavi, domovini i obitelji. Video koji je izazvao brojne kontroverze prilikom promocije CD Učilice. Što to Thompson poručuje djeci?

Oroslavlje - kartaši

Jebati grobari mater, kaj te budu zakapali, kam te budu metali.
Jebati pastuh mrtvu mater.
Jebati isu mater grdu.
Vrag ti mater debelu u očnjak jebi.

Kulike ljet imaš?

Prodaja oldtimer bicikala u Varaždinu

Subota u Zagrebu!

" Nismo mi čobani ! " - ZG prosvjed protiv Vlade - 22/02/11 - Videomix by Fiko Henna

Darker Than Amber - Fight Scene

Rod Taylor vs. William Smith

Tommy Lee by Emslie

Pete Emslie's blog

Movie posters from GHANA - part 9

Thanks to bollox from cinemageddon for collecting them from various sources.

Redneck 911 Call

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Kings Speech Swearing Scene

Martin Landau on Get Smart

The Ninth Configuration scene

Desperate Refugees Descend On Italy

Italy is boosting security on its borders to stop a surge in illegal immigration. Thousands of refugees from North Africa are fleeing to the country, their numbers growing as the violence spreads.
No home, no job and no guarantees -- the life of a refugee.
"I had to leave because I couldn't even buy food. I have no money," said Khaled, a refugee.

A familiar story is taking place in Lampedusa, a tiny Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea, around 80 miles from the coast of North Africa. It's always been the main route for refugees, but since the recent revolution in Tunisia it has been swamped by thousands desperate for a better life in Europe who are willing to risk all.

Khaled says the tiny boat they sailed on got into a storm and sank. He survived, but six others drowned.
Some of the boats which were used by the refugees to get to Lampedusa have signs on them from the authorities saying their use is prohibited by Italian law. Nevertheless, even though the initial condition of those boats is far from sea worthy, up to 200 people cram on each one.

Italy and Tunisia used to have an agreement under which most Tunisian refugees were intercepted before even reaching the island. But now that the government has been overthrown, the floodgates have opened.

"We were not ready for this," said Lampedusa's mayor, Bernardino de Rubeis.

According to Lampedusa's mayor, it is becoming increasingly hard to keep the situation under control with scuffles between immigrants and police.
"There have already been cases of robbery and vandalism. It's really hard to identify them -- some of them may be criminals or even terrorists," said Rubeis.
Most of the refugees are housed at a center where they are provided with basic help, but it's equipped only for 800 people.

"We brought in additional staff members, including police and even psychiatrists -- one hundred people in total, but that's still not enough!" said Federico Maralliota, the current director of the refugee center.

With a wave of violent political unrest sweeping North Africa and the Middle East, Italy is warning of an exodus of biblical proportions. It's calling for EU cash to help handle the influx of refugees. But for now, Rome is planning to deploy its army to the island to help guard the gateway to Europe.

Fabrizio Tassinari from the Danish Institute for International Studies believes that, even before the uprisings in the Middle East, the prospects of massive immigration have always been Europe's worst nightmare.

"In real terms it has never been substantial, we have always been below 30,000 possible entries every year. Clearly the overthrowing of the governments poses a whole new set of issues. What governments will be able to do depends on their ability to actually co-ordinate among some of the governments that are mostly affected," he said.

The issue of immigration in general has played very well lately into the domestic debates of many European countries however, despite the latest talk about the failure of multiculturalism, Tassinari thinks that multiculturalism is here to stay.

"The question is how governments cope with it [multiculturalism] and in a way you cannot say that the answers so far have been convincing, judging at least by the rise of right-wing populist parties throughout Western Europe," he said.

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Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, mnogo sam ljut!!!

Takeshi's Castle: Women's Edition - High Rollers

Takeshi's Castle (風雲!たけし城 Fūun! Takeshi-jō?, literally Turbulence! Takeshi Castle) was a Japanese game show that aired from 1986 to 1989 on the Tokyo Broadcasting System. It featured the Japanese actor Takeshi Kitano (also known as Beat Takeshi) as a count who owns a castle and sets up impossible challenges for players (or a volunteer army) to get to him. The show has become a cult television hit around the world.[1] A special live "revival" was broadcast on April 2, 2005, for TBS's 50th anniversary celebrations.

Dear Aquaman

Arnold 365, Day 52 (Terminator)

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Razgovor Slobodana Miloševića i Mire Marković sa Markom o useljenju u novi stan

Marko: Šta radite, tajkice?
Milošević: Evo leškarimo u krevetu, gledamo zabavnu emisiju na televiziji.
Marko: Da li znaš da mi je voda u bazenu 38 stepeni?
Milošević: Ti si budala, bre! To je nezdravo!
Marko: Pa da, bez veze. Treba da bude 18, to je prava stvar.
Milošević: Pa ne, ali ne sme preko 30, bre, šta se zezaš?!
Marko: Što da ne sme, kupam se na 40.
Milošević: Pa nemoj, bre, na 38 stepeni, to je iznad normalne temperature čoveka, bre! Kako može u vrućoj vodi, to može čovek šok da dobije. Ne može da se vrši razmena toplote.
Marko: Dobro šta me plašiš sada. Kako dođem u đakuzi, pa se kupam 42,3...
Milošević: Pa znam, ali ne plivaš u đakuziju. Nemoj, Marko! Nemoj nikako iznad 31,2, na 30 je već vrućina, bre. Drugo je tuširanje, izađeš... I to je nezdravo, a ovo da je potpuno čovek potopljen u vrelu vodu, to je nedopustivo.
Marko: Dobro, evo čekaću da padne na 32.
Milošević: Na 32 najviše. Reguliši to i nemoj da se zezaš. Je l’ ti sve OK?
Marko: Jeste... pada neko čudo, ledena kiša pada napolju, ovoliko leda nisam vid’o u životu.
Milošević: Pa znam, ne može da se prođe, ja nisam mogao jedan korak da napravim, može samo čovek da padne.
Marko: Pazi, kad je celo dvorište ne pod snegom nego pod ledom i to onaj debeo sjajni led, ima jedno pet santimetara.
Milošević: Šta klopaš?
Marko: Šta klopam? Pa klopam svašta sad. Svi živi donose klopu. Sad ima klope na sve strane. Ima raznorazne sarme, prasići, jagnjići i ostalo.
Milošević: Da. Šta sad imate kod kuće za jelo?
Marko: U, kako ću ja da se ugojim u ovoj kući.
Milošević: Evo ti da čuješ mamu.
Mira: Mili!
Marko: Znaš, mama, tuširamo se i kupamo u kadi na 40-44. Tu smo negde. Pusti te brojeve, pa seti se prošle godine u Karađorđevu. Bila je temperatura 28. To da ti neko kaže rekao bi da je temperatura kao u džezvi, a nije ko u džezvi nego smo se smrzavali. Sećaš se da niko nije mogao da uđe u vodu, dok se ne istušira hladnom, da smo sve na foru ulazili.
Mira: Šta ćemo, kuco, da pitamo. Kaži mamici šta radiš?
Marko: Mama 72 sata nisam izašao iz kuće.
Mira: Jao, divno mili, divno! Je l’ da je čarobno tu?
Marko: Uradio sam jednu jako pametnu stvar. Pošto ja ne nosim papuče, Ljubiša me pitao dva dana pred Novu godinu šta hoću da mi kupi za Novu godinu, i ja sam mu rekao samo da mi kupi neke mnogo lepe patike, koje će mi i onako trebati za po kući i kad izlazim napolje i sad imam ovde patike nove, nisam etiketu skinuo sa njih i onda kad uđem u kuću odmah se izujem, pa uđem u patike, i po kući sam u čistim patikama.
Mira: Ali, nosi papuče, molim te! Pa uveče kad legneš onda moraš da imaš papuče pored sebe, kad ideš da piškiš.
Marko: A pa onda ne moram, jer imam podno grejanje pa mogu bos.
Mira: Nemoj, to je nepristojno. To je seljački. To je k’o Marinko Rokvić.

Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country - Teaser Trailer

BU DOBRO u posjeti Mcdonaldsu! 18. 2. 2011.

Arnold 365, Day 49 (Terminator)

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Ain't She Sweet - Bunny Berigan

Ain't She Sweet - Dieuzy's Dixieland Band

Lillian Roth | ain't she sweet?

MILTON AGER & JACK YALLEN - Ain't She Sweet (1927)---original

"Ain't She Sweet" is a song composed by Milton Ager (music) and Jack Yellen (lyrics) and published in 1927 by Edwin H. Morris & Co., Inc./Warner Bros., Inc. It became popular in the first half of the twentieth century, one of the hit songs that typified the Roaring Twenties

Clint Eastwood 1955.

clint eastwood vs james garner - MAVERICK

Hornblower - England at war speech

chansons historiques de France 315 : It's a long way to Tipperary, 1939

The Lambeth Walk

The Lambeth Walk (Dancing Nazis)

In 1942, Charles A. Ridley of the British Ministry of Information made a short propaganda film, Lambeth Walk - Nazi Style, which edited existing footage of Hitler and German soldiers (taken from Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will) to make it appear they were marching and dancing to "The Lambeth Walk". The film so enraged Joseph Goebbels that reportedly he ran out of the screening room kicking chairs and screaming profanities. The propaganda film was distributed uncredited to newsreel companies, who would supply their own narration.

Hvala drugu Fiji na fotki...

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Movie posters from GHANA - part 8

Thanks to bollox from cinemageddon for collecting them from various sources.