nedjelja, 30. prosinca 2012.

MacJesus ProGold!!!

Your Personal Savior on a Floppy Disk Returns...
How many times in a crisis situation have you turned to prayer, only to discover that the line is busy or perhaps even disconnected?
It's alarming but true, most prayer requests go unanswered due to the sheer magnitude of verbal and written correspondence received by GOD every day.
Even worse, some prayers are misaddressed, others are sent to the wrong department, and even a few are slipped down drain pipes and sent straight to HELL by lazy angels looking to get off work early.
Some requests such as "Peace On Earth" and "Good Will Towards Men" are not even in stock and never have been.
That's why you need an inside track when dealing with The Creator Of The Universe. That's why you need MacJesus.
Having MacJesus is like having a direct line to our Savior 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
With MacJesus you'll not only be able to communicate with the Lord, you'll be able to see and hear Him! Imagine the excitement of not only seeing the face of God, but also hearing him respond to you in the same celestial language spoken by angels and used car salesmen.
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